Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Our Vision is to be one of the leading and preferred IMPORT-EXPORT, MANUFACTURING, TRADING, SERVICE and REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Company by 2030 capable of delivering HIGH QUALITY, RELIABLE and TIMELY SERVICES and PRODUCTS to our customers with reasonable price.


Our Mission is to provide competitive and world class HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS and SERVICES for our customers keeping inline commitments with regards to quality, incumbency and transparent business approach with highly skilled business professionals and staff who are equipped with Information Technologies.

BELSTY is established to

Be a leading exporter of Quality Conventional and Organic Ethiopian Origin Agro-commodities including Oil Seeds , Cereals and Pulses , Green Coffee Bean, Fruit and Vegetable, to international market.
Be a leading exporter of value added and processed agricultural commodities including Hulled Sesame, Roasted Sesame, Tahini, Fortified and Enriched Food Products, from Cereal and Pulses, Roasted and Grounded Coffee to the international market which are processed in our Modern Integrated Processing facility located near Addis Ababa in Burayu City.
Be a leading exporter of Live Animal and Animal By-Product to international market and built our own Integrated Abattoirs in strategic area by 2030.
Be a leading Conventional and Organic agricultural product grower and producer with 1000 Hectare farm land we owned in Gambela Regional States.
Upgrading and Modernizing our five Modern Integrated Agro-Processing Plant and cope-up with international quality standard and requirements by third party international organizations i.e. ISO and BRC (British Retailer Certificate
Be a leading importer of Industrial Raw Materials and Chemicals, Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials and Scraps and covering 15% of the market share nationwide with annual sales value of 2.5 billion birr by 2030.
Be a leading importer and distributor High Quality and Performance Fuel and Lubrication for local market covering 20% of the market share nationwide with annual sales value of 4.5 billion birr by the end 2030.
Provide High Quality Multi-purpose Modern Vehicles, Trucker, Construction and Agricultural Machineries and Heavy Duty Machineries to local market.
Providing High Quality, Durable and Performance Tyres and Tyres Tube for Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles at reasonable price to local market.
Deliver timely, accountable and secured dry and liquid transport service to our local and cross-border customers.
Providing high quality transit and logistic service to our clients
Delivering High Quality Luxuries Residential, Commercial and Mixed Use Building to our customers and clients.
Delivering High Quality Transportation and Rental Service for both Dry and Liquid Transportation both for local and cross-border transportation.
Be a leading and first customer choice manufacturer of construction material especially Gypsum based products with our own facility and state of the art technology.

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