BELSTY has developed a loyal client base over the past years and established close relationships with suppliers and buyers for many products. These relationships are based on trust, consistence and performance over many years. Our company continues to grow with our existing clients and new ones that we keep adding as we continue to thrive.

We always need the existing customers to go with us long journey and to promote our business for the new ones. This is happening with our scope, consistency and performance of supply. We strongly believe that quality in all dimensions is key for longstanding relationships with our clients and suppliers.

BELSTY work for our customers to enjoy the highest standards Quality service is our target. Our customer is always first! We are committed to deliver quality services for our customers at a reasonable price, with reliable supply chain, and timely. In addition, our company provides after-sale technical assistances and service with warranty to our customers. Our company is active actor in the vibrant supply chain which can satisfy fast growing demand of customers.

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Around Piazza (Tewodros Square) Electric World Building, 5th Floor, Room No.502 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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