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Ethio Best Realestate

Real Estate Development
The real estate industry is one of the business activities the company is engaged currently. The company has established a real estate firm known by the name of Ethio Best real estate. Ethio Best real estate is currently constructing and selling different luxury apartments and shopping centers. Its sites are located in Bole-mega site, Hayahulet site, Ayat Horse riding site, Bahir Dar and others.

  • At Ayat Horse Riding site we are selling completed luxury apartments including three G+6 Luxury apartments. Each apartment unit has a title deed and ready to be transferred for our customers at time of payment completion or after receiving bank guarantee letter.  So far title deed transfer is completed for some of our customers and customers started living in their luxury apartment unit. There are only two apartment units per floor with more than 300 square meter terrace that can be used for different occasions.
  • The Bole-mega site is 2B+G+16 in an area of more than 900 square meters and located on the main road that comes from African Union, it is a mixed use luxury apartment accommodating residence apartment, different shopping centers, restaurant, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies and at the top penthouses. The luxury apartments are flat apartments, duplex apartments and penthouses.
  • The Hayahulet site is located around the new stadium under construction ‘Adey Ababa stadium’ and it is 2B+G+10 luxury apartment.
  • Our Bahir Dar site is located around lake tana with a total area of 100000 square meters in which different types of houses will be built. It is a huge village which will change the socio demographic status of the population positively by improving the quality of life. This village will create many job opportunities for residents of Bahir Dar and nearby cities.

Ethio Best real estate has a vision of becoming one of the top companies in the real estate industry in Ethiopia, through quality Customer Service, Excellence and on time delivery. We walk our talk.

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Around Piazza (Tewodros Square) Electric World Building, 5th Floor, Room No.502

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