The company’s second major business line is import sector. In the last seven years it has been engaging in importing Industrial chemicals, Heavy and Light duty truck, Construction machinery, Vehicles, Tyre Tubes and other construction materials.

In general, the company is engaged in the following business sectors in addition to its main business (Import and Export).

  • Transit and logistics service
  • Dry and liquid transport service
  • Construction service
  • Rental service
  • Real Estate building business
  • Export standard cleaning service
  • Plantation Agriculture for the production of Export goods

International Brands

Belsty Negessa & His Children trading Plc

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Fax: +251111561789
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Around Piazza (Tewodros Square) Electric World Building, 5th Floor, Room No.502

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Export Products

Oil Seeds
Sesame seeds (Whitish Humera and Wollega type), Soya bean, Peanuts, Niger seeds, Rape Seeds including Extraction Cake or Meal), Lentils

Pulse Seeds
Green Mung Beans, Red kidney Beans, White pea beans, Pinto Beans and Chick peas.

Dry Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic, Red Pepper (in whole and powder form) and Black Cumin Seeds.